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by Late Night Union

Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless and more inspiration those seeking it. Crackling heavy blues licks, driving dancing bouncing rhythms, and melodic raw powerful singing. with a message of love. The sound is a mix of 70’s metal, 90’s grunge, and today’s rock. We are continuously evolving our writing style to become more emotional and unique. The band broke up once in October 2016. It's the best thing that could have happened to them. Prior to that they were asked to play a South by South West show, got a licensing deal, and had just been rewarded with a small recording contract. Stevie's brother Sean stepped in to play drums February 2017 and became the catalyst for the band's rebirth. All songs are fully collaborative, each band member adding their chemistry. The band recently completed a recording session with Adam Kasper, one of the greatest rock producers in rock history.

Our Previous Album - Connections is also available on Spotify, itunes, Amazon, and everywhere music is streaming or sold.