Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless and more inspiration those seeking it. Crackling heavy blues licks, driving dancing bouncing rhythms, and melodic raw powerful singing. with a message of love. The sound is a mix of 70’s metal, 90’s grunge, and today’s rock. We are continuously evolving our writing style to become more emotional and unique. The band broke up once in October 2016. It's the best thing that could have happened to them. Prior to that they were asked to play a South by South West show, got a licensing deal, and had just been rewarded with a small recording contract. Stevie's brother Sean stepped in to play drums February 2017 and became the catalyst for the band's rebirth. All songs are fully collaborative, each band member adding their chemistry. The band recently completed a recording session with Adam Kasper, one of the greatest rock producers in rock history.



Christian was raised on the California Coast in the company of bearded bikers, pitbulls, and sweet as honey women. When pipes weren't roaring and dogs weren't barking, you could hear music was ever present. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and other rock and roll was cranking to the sounds of waves, chatter, dogs, Harleys and laughter day and night. Christian grew up on that music. He didn't watch TV or play games much, he socialized and partied to rock and roll.

His mom took him to his first concert at the age of 5 to see a bunch of bands at the Santa Barbara Bowl. They tried to sneak in and got caught, but his mom is lovely and he was just a little dude so the security guard let them in. He was hooked on live shows. He started working at a concert venue when he was 16 and saw hundreds of shows. Hailing from a family of singers, he has been able to carry a melody before he could pronounce the words - singing along to every rock song he came across. In high school he joined his first band and has been working hard at being a professional musician ever since.



Ryan was born. Not much happened until he was 11. (Well, his sister was born when he was 3. His parents got divorced when he was 7 or 8. Big deal. Typical American family. Who gives a shit, right?). Ryan wanted to play guitar, but he started playing bass at the suggestion of a friend. His logic was simple. "Everyone wants to play guitar. Play bass, you'll always be able to find a band." He never really had an interest in the spotlight, so bass made sense to him. Ryan just wanted to play. He still feel the same.

He can remember around 4 years old, his older cousins started getting into bands like Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Pantera, etc. Ryan was immediately drawn to the music. His first cd was Guns n' Roses "Use Your Illusion II". Ryan’s dad bought it for him when he was 7. It came with his disclaimer "Don't show your mom." From there he continued to find music on his own. The first band he felt a real connection with was Nirvana. They were the band that got him into playing music. The majority of my early influences were from the Seattle area during the "grunge" era. From there Ryan found punk and abandoned all other forms of music for a few years (come to find out later that most of the bands/musicians he liked prior were influenced by punk as well). Eventually Ryan found his way back to a more eclectic interest in music, ranging from Adele to Dimmu Borgir. He’s been in a variety of bands with a variety of different styles. Mainly as a bassist, but occasionally as a guitarist or drummer. Ryan feels most at home with the bass, but he has fun branching out. Ryan is just a guy who does things he finds interesting. He suggest you do the same. Now go do something more productive.



Stevie Ray, named after the infamous Stevie Ray Vaughn grew up in a musical family. Steven’s dad played drums and promoted music throughout the household. He grew up drawing from influences such as SRV, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayer. Stevie Ray grew up playing with his brothers, one of which is Late Night Union’s Drummer Sean, and has been chasing the dream of becoming a big time musician ever since.



Sean is from Orange County, California. He grew up with a father who was a musician/drummer. His father got him his first drum set at the age of 8. He can still remember how fascinated he was with the instrument, the energy, and the good feeling it gave him from playing. Sean always pretended and fantasized about playing in front of a sea or people and just feeling and embracing the magnitude of that amount of human energy and interaction. Music has always inspired him since he was young, but he never knew music was what he truly wanted to do for a career until later on in life after over coming some personal struggles. Sean has let go of many fears and insecurities and is now striving towards his dream of becoming a full time touring musician. He hopes to inspire others to follow their passion and to do what makes them happy in life through the music he plays.